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Ozone Machine

Ozone Machine
Product Detailed

sterilize agricultural pesticide, keep fruits & vegetables fresh sterilize dinnerware

apply area:

sterilize agricultural pesticide, keep fruits & vegetables fresh

sterilize dinnerware;

Sterilize children articles, keep health;

Fresh air, prevent contagion;

water sterilize

fresh air of restroom, fridge, chest and pet room.


Product Name: Multifunctional Food Detoxification Machine(Ozone Sterilizer,Ozone Machine,Ozone Producer)


Control method: Electron, Key-press
   Electrical source: AC240V/220V/120V/50Hz/60Hz
   Consumption power: 15 W
   Output ozone quantity: 380 mg/h
   Weight: 1.5 kg
   Product size: 270*183*80mm
   Applications: Family, office
   Brief introduction of the functions:
   Dip edible fruit, vegetable and foods in it for 10-20 minutes that can sterilize bacterium and virus and these can be edible hygienically.
   Dip fruit, vegetable in it for 10-20 minutes that can reduce the pesticide remnant, and these can be edible safely.
   Dip meat in it for 10-20 minutes that can reduce the hormone, antibiotic substance, and it can be good taste and hygienically.
   Put the food in preserving fresh bag, spray ozone into the bag for 5-20 minutes, then seal the cover that can prolong fresh period 3-10 times.
   Put the tooth, towel, feeding-bottle, toy, underwear, woman articles and etc in plastic bag, then spray ozone into the bag for 5-20 minutes that can disinfect and these can be used hygienically and safely.
   Mix the ozone with pure water, or pure well water (mix them for about 30 minutes and the time is depending on the water quality) that can make it become clean pure water and you can set your heart at rest to drink it hygienically and economically.
   When leaving the room ( within 20 square meters), turn on the machine and use the highest gear to spray ozone into the room for 30 minutes and then leave it for 30 minutes that can sterilize the air, articles and dead angle place of the room. If it is a new refurbishment room, benzene, formaldehyde and other bad smell can be removed and the room can be kept hygienically.
   Using low gear spraying ozone to the room where there are somebody in for 3-20 minutes, then stop for 2-3 hours and repeatedly do it that can clean the air, prevent virus against spread.
   Spray ozone into refrigerator, shoe tree that can sterilize and dispel bad smell.
   Use ozone water to bath, wash face, dip feet that can sterilize (include epiphyte such as eczema feet), disinfect, activate cell, accelerate body blood circulation, expedite metabolism with health care effect and beautifying.
   Free from second contaminated, with absolute safety
   Air is used as the material, low electricity consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.




Packing information:

1pc/color gift box

Color gift box size: 31.5X28.5X11cm


Carton size:61X34X60 cm

Chargeable weight per carton: 21kgs(by air), 25kgs(by DHL,UPS)

Container load: 2410pcs per 21 feet container

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